About JabberSping.com

JabberSping™ is a mirror, a filter, musings, thoughts, rants, laughs, cries, questions, fun, remembrance, life heard and overheard from friends, acquaintances, public figures, business, government, the arts, media and even from UBV-76.

Jabber: burble, chatter, clamor, drivel, blubbering, gushing, jargon, murmur, muttering, ranting, etc.

Sping: sing, spin, leap, spark, spring, ing, spin, spin, spin again, sping, and so on…

Author: Anonymous

I always heard Anonymous was a woman. You too? This Anonymous might be a man, might be a woman. This Anonymous notes, listens, observes, questions, laughs, cries, mirrors life’s JabberSping in its myriad of manifestations — JabberSpings JabberSping.

This 21st Century Anonymous JabberSping comes from puddle-jumping, globe hopping and Gotham that little bungalow-gathering on the Hudson, USA. (It’s true it never sleeps, but  on occasion Anonymous does.)


Guest Bloggers Welcome: please email jabbersping at gmail.com And yes, you may use your name.

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